Sharon Elementary
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How Do I Get Involved?

The PTO sponsors and creates many events and activities for the children at Sharon to enjoy throughout the year. There are an abundance of opportunities for you to be involved by volunteering. We are always looking for chairs, co-chairs and general volunteers for the various events and projects that take place during the year. Take a look at the events and activities planned for the 2017/2018 school year below. There are also ongoing volunteer opportunities. We hope to see you around!



FUN!draising Events

Walk-A-Thon- September 29, 2017

Basket Raffle- September 2017

Carin Sharon- Nov. 27-Dec. 8, 2017

Holiday Shoppe- December 4-8, 2017

Spring Cleaning- April 2018

School Supply Boxes- April 2018

Plant Sale- May 11, 2018

Rebates- All Year

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Special Activities

Fall Festival- October 26, 2017

Beach Day- January 26, 2018

Book Bingo- February 8, 2018

Book Swap- February 5-8, 2018

Mother/Son Event- February 2018

Math Madness- March 14, 2018

Father/Daughter Dance- March 2018

COSI- April 4, 2018

Sports Day- April 6, 2018

Muffin Mania- April 2018

Teacher Appreciation- May 7-11, 2018

5th Grade Celebration- May 25, 2018

5th Grade DVD- May 25, 2018

Volunteer Appreciation

Who do I contact?

Ongoing Needs

Art Committee

Bulletin Boards


Copy Center


Garden Committee


Photo Club

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verb: volunteer; 3rd person present: volunteers; past tense: volunteered; past participle: volunteered; gerund or present participle: volunteering
1. freely offer to do something.
"he volunteered for the job"